PATENT 6,630,507

In 1999, the US government filed a patent for the medical use of a group of compounds that appeared to help and sometimes cure an unusually wide variety of medical conditions. The compound most mentioned in this patent is called cannabidiol, known as CBD.

" I started googling "neuro protectant medical marijuana" and I came across a federal government patent, patent 6,630,507" - Jason David

Riley's LAW

In the summer of 2013 Janie noticed her 7 year old daughter Riley's face swelling up severely. Doctors quickly diagnosed her with a giant cell granular tumor.

"She was going to come out of surgery best case scenario deformed. She was in surgery the entire day, and when she came out of surgery there was some tumor left behind that they just couldn't reach. From everything that we had been told if any tumor at all is left behind there's going to be a reoccurrence. Her face just looked like a potato sack, and there was like no formity of her face, because the bones were all missing." - Janie Maedler


Colin came back from fighting the war in Afghanistan with severe PTSD that left him homeless, addicted to opiates and antidepressants that made him contemplate suicide.

"PTSD is severe life altering trauma. Things start to become unbearable and jobs become hard to hold. Relationships fall apart and drugs become the easy way out along with drinking and reckless behavior." - Colin Wells

jayden's JOURNEY

At 4 months old Jayden was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a very rare and the most life threatening form epilepsy. His father followed every protocol the doctors told him to, including 12 different pharmaceuticals but nothing worked. He kept getting worse and worse.

"Jaden was dying in front of my face. I had lost everything - my house, my car, my business, and my family was really breaking apart. I remember calling my mom one night and telling her, 'Mom, come pick up Jaden.... I can't do this anymore.' I was going to commit suicide because I couldn't handle it and no one was helping me. " - Jason David